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The Pig, the Witch, and the Moon

I sat down with my yoga teacher, Jeff Manning, after class. I had been studying at the Aurora Yoga Center for a couple years. It became my sanctuary - a place where I could go to sort out my thoughts, my goals and plans for life.

This day I was in a funk; tied up in my head with problems about a relationship. Jeff said the usual, “How are ya, man?” (He always says that). I’m honest with him, so I said “I feel like shit, man.” I explained my situation, how I felt trapped in a foxhole relationship.

Jeff put his finger to his cheek for a second and asked,

“Have I ever the story of the Pig, the Witch and the Moon?”

The Pig

The Pigs are the dependant ones. Always needing a hand with something. When the pig runs out of corn, you offer him some of yours. You put your hand out and he starts digging in, eyes closed, slobber dripping from his jowls. All he can think is, “Finally I’m getting what I need.” As long as the Pig is fed, he is happy. You help the Pig out of generosity, but the Pig doesn’t know when to stop. When his stomach growls he comes back for more. And more. And more.

When you run out of food the Pig will taste your fingers, and if you don’t pull back, he will eat your hand. Sometimes we don’t have the backbone to tell someone we love to stop, that their actions are affecting us negatively. The pig can’t see this. He keeps gnawing, until your arms are in his stomach’s abyss. You set boundaries, but if you don’t enforce them he chews at your legs. Down his throat you go as he devours you whole, eating everything you’re worth. While you’re being digested, he’ll open his eyes and wonder where you wandered off to. He shrugs it off and looks for a new, willing feeder.

The Witch

The Witch is a little trickier. She summons magic to manipulate you. Her curse leaves you believing that your efforts are worthwhile, for an admirable cause. She has power in some way; wealth, social hierarchy, fame, or charisma. Her magic is always used to get what she wants, but she’ll deceive you to believe it is for your benefit. The Witch will keep you guilty or ashamed in some subtle fashion to continue her bewitchment.

There is always a test that you can never surmount. You strive for her empty promises of approval and reward. You do as you’re told, but it is never quite enough. The Witch will dazzle that prize in front of your nose for all of eternity. The acceptance, promotion, proper treatment or the promises will enchant you, but you’ll never grasp ahold. As long as you play her wicked game, she will play the puppet master, fulfilling her needs. She’s a sorcerer, and a good one at that. Under her spell, you’ll give everything you have but you’ll never be enough.

The Moon

Every Moon in our life is a blessing. The Moon is someone who is solely in your life to lift you up. They will encourage you, wish you success, and be there when you need them. In relation to earth, the moon regulates the tides and provides support to the earth without asking anything in return. Someone who is your Moon casts light onto you and helps regulate the waves in your life.

The Moons gravitate into your life when you’re in dire need. They always have just the right solution to offer. Their sole motivation is to help you with your struggle and they expect nothing in return. The only way to repay the Moon for such service is to be someone else’s Moon in return - Everyone has a unique opportunity to balance the tides in someone else’s time of suffering. The Moon is always in orbit for the next person in need. It is never about the praise, only the desire to uplift.


Listening to that story, I could pick out the Pigs and Witches in my life. Looking at Jeff, I knew who was my Moon that day.

“Thank you,” I said.

He smirked and said, “You’re welcome.”

Before I had a chance to respond, he asked, “So, which one are you?”

Identifying all the characters in our lives helps us to draw boundaries (Pig), stand up for ourselves (Witch) and help others (Moon). The most profound lesson of the Pig, the Witch and the Moon is figuring out which one I am in every relationship and situation. None of us are exempt from being too glutinous with someone's generosity or too controlling with an advantage we carry. And none of us are exempt from giving someone a hand when we are uniquely fitted to help. So remember that in every relationship the person you’re looking at is a Pig, a Witch or a Moon. And so are you.

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