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Start with some Ingredients

There are definite directions and instructions we can follow to improve our sense of well-being. If we stick to the directions, we can usually get a pretty great result. And just like a chocolate cake, there are millions of recipes that can produce a delicious one. A seasoned chef may be able to pull it off without the recipe, but to most of us everyday cooks, a set of directions to follow is necessary - it’s easy to get way off track!

Since there are undoubtedly many ways to cook the same dish, the same concept applies to living in a state of happiness. There is not just one rigid way to being happy, there are many ways. Not everyone agrees on the same cuisine for we all have different taste buds, and that is okay too. The key is to find your favorite cuisine (or happiness recipe) and practice until you’ve think you’ve mastered it. And then practice it some more.

The central focus of The Happiness Recipes is to outline simple and achievable practices to help improve our everyday lives. We are taking fundamental spiritual principles and healthy routines and simplifying them for our modern times. The ultimate goal is to not change too much around us, but to make the change within.

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